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The CEIBS EMBA Alumni Hong Kong & Macau Annual Meeting

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CEIBS (China Europe International Business School) Global EMBA is a top-ranked, part-time programme that balances China Depth and Global Breadth for high-achieving business leaders. Available in 11 cities worldwide with students from more than 20 countries, the CEIBS Alumni Hong Kong & Macau Chapter with close to 200 members at present, was officially established in 2004 to better help Hong Kong & Macau alumni advance their careers, build friendships and make progress together. 


The CEIBS Alumni Hong Kong & Macau Chapter 


Overall event design, hospitality and management

Plus Points

/ 3-day event hospitality

  • venue scouting & booking, itinerary planning & scheduling with secretaries of ~200 alumni, who are top and middle-level managers

/ Design and theme 

  • execution of time travel theme from 30’s Shanghai to 80’s Hong Kong via token for game booths

  • unique motion design of electronic banquet invitation card with music

  • dress code setting of Shanghainese-styled qipao & cheongsam

/ On-site & performance planning 

  • simultaneous format of event and performance happenings
    1) performances: magic show, ballroom & peacock dance, live band, lucky draw
    2) events: different game booths of fortune telling, bartending, gambling

  • provision of etiquette personnel

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