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STEM Maker Zone of
SummerFest Smartizen Park 

@Central Harbourfront Event Space

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To provide opportunities for citizens to experience family activities with their kids, the Paired Studying Workshops and STEM Experience Area co-organised by the Hong Kong Designers Association and ETechArt encourage kids to express imagination and cultivate creativity potential and interests from the STEM workshops at the “Learn Zone” in the Smartizen Park. 


Hong Kong Designers Association, ETechArt


Overall programme planning and event management

Plus Points

/ 20 x kids’ STEM workshops throughout the summer

  • overall course planning, design & facilitation

  • administration, agreement & report for the non-profit organization

/ 2 x containers design & production

  • logo, certificate, stage, props design & decorations

  • venue liaison, spatial design and allocation & licenses handling 

/ Publicity and hospitality services

  • F&B sponsorship

  • product shots photography & press content design and editing

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