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PolyU School of Design 60th Anniversary Opening and New Identity Launch

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The PolyU School of Design 60th Anniversary Opening and New Identity Launch project encompasses strategic planning and event management. The objective is to commemorate the school's milestone and unveil its refreshed identity. Through meticulous planning, the project aims to deliver a memorable and engaging experience for attendees, including alumni, faculty, students, and industry professionals. The event will feature a series of celebratory activities, exhibitions, and interactive sessions that highlight the school's achievements, innovation, and future direction. The project team will ensure seamless coordination, effective communication, and successful execution to create a remarkable event that reflects the school's legacy and vision.


Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU)


Overall strategic planning and event management


Plus Points

/ Event Management: Pre‐event

  • plan the action plan 

  • invite and communicate with 350+ honourable guests (GoHs & VIPs)

  • manage the RSVP and report the progress status

  • prepare the invitation letters, reminder email and programme rundown


/ Event Management: Post-event

  • consolidate the photos for sending to the attended guests

  • archive the attendance list

  • send thank you email


/ Overall on-site support

  • liaise and rehearse with all on‐site crew, including emcees, performers, photographers, video crew, catering staff, helpers, security

  • reception setup with souvenirs preparation

  • management of catering,  live band and emcee

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