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No Kidding! Kids Design Awards

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No Kidding! Kids Design Awards (KDA) focuses on cultivating Design Thinking for kids aged 6-12 through a series of sharing sessions, seminars, workshops, awards ceremony and public exhibition. The awardees got the opportunities to put design into context, working with professional designers who gave insightful advice on the winning entries. 


Hong Kong Designers Association


Overall online and offline public relations, event management and production

Plus Points

/  Official launch and call for entries promotion

  • media support on coverage, interviews and photography

  • contribution of 500+ out of 2,000 total entries submission in 1/2 month

/ Kickoff seminar @PolyU

  • unusual studio setting and live talk show format

  • innovative stage props design of an illuminating die symbolising the the bright future & infinite possibilities of creativity (六六無窮)

/ 20 x weekend outdoor & online workshops completed during summer vacation

  • payment, parents’ inquiries and RSVP handling

  • workshop materials packaging and sending

/ Overall on-site support and community management of social media 

/ Contribution for venue sponsorship from Tai Kwun

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