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US x HK: Envisioning Innovation in Education

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Envisioning Innovation in Education is a collaborative project between Hong Kong and the United States with the research lead Project Zero, a professional STEM educational body founded by philosopher Nelson Goodman at the Harvard Graduate School of Education to understand and enhance learning, thinking and creativity for individuals and groups in the arts and other disciplines.


Catalyst Education Lab


Overall event management and production for 3 consecutive editions

Plus Points

/ Programme launch + training day

  • attendance of ~80 principals from prestigious local schools

  • physical + ZOOM live English training workshop in synchronisation

/ Event design, management & production

  • venue scouting, coordination, decoration & setup

  • backdrop, props and banners design & production

  • 3-min highlight & full-length (7 hrs) video production

/ On-site support & arrangement

  • stage, AV panel & lighting control

  • training tool kits artwork preparation, design & production

/ Public relations & hospitality

  • souvenirs preparation (stationery sets)

  • full-day photography & catering services

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