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US x HK: Introduction to Compassionate Systems Framework in Hong Kong

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The US-based Center for Systems Awareness places a strong emphasis on capacity building to support learning and development of diverse groups to become compassionate systems practitioners and leaders. In 2024-2025, they are running global programs across different regions and holding conferences in the United States, Canada, Australia and Hong Kong etc.


In May 2024, the Center held a 3-day physical introductory conference with training workshops in Hong Kong, attracting more than 200 participants from around the world interested in systems awareness, especially the professionals in different Asia-Pacific regions and cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Japan, Thailand etc. The conference and workshops featured keynote speakers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), providing participants with a foundational understanding of systems thinking principles and methodologies.


The Center for Systems Awareness (USA)


Overall event management, live streaming, video highlights and AV technical support

Plus Points

/ Event Management & On-site Support

  • attendance of 200+ principals, practitioners and leaders from different regions 

  • pre-event briefing and rehearsal

  • reception, catering and cleaning support

/ Live Streaming & Technical Support

  • audio & video panel full control

  • venue scouting, coordination, rehearsal & setup

  • zoom control (video layout)

  • simultaneous interpretation audio output

/ Video Production

  • on-site photography and videography service

  • highlight videos filming and production

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