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Airtecture Hong Kong Household Health Brand Opening 

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Airtecture offers a series of indoor air solutions ranging from air conditioner disinfection, bespoke pest and rodent control, Japanese nano anti-formaldehyde and anti-bacterial coating protection, and anti-formaldehyde services.



Brochure and promotional video design and production

Plus Points

/  Layout & small logos design of portfolio deck brochure 

/ Promotional video production

  • actors arrangement, script writing & storyboard creation 

  • post-production incl. captioning, background & music

/ Proposal & consultation advice on business model & branding

  • competitors comparison, local & international need, ROI & reports 

/ Administration & operations services

  • website design & management

  • social media content, design & run

  • online & offline customer services

  • call in, send quotes & photos, documentation & payments handling

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